Taught personally by Ed Douberly, this is the ESSENTIAL training course for any plant that has converted or is considering conversion to PRB Coal. Developed from years of real plant experiences, this is the most comprehensive and exhaustive training course on the impact of PRB coal operations available in the industry today. The course covers all the major considerations and risk of using PRB coal, from the pile to the boiler. This course has been presented to hundreds of power plant operations, maintenance and fuel handling personnel in the Us and Canada and was the basis of numerous pre-conference workshops at the Electric Power Conference.

We have two developmental courses tailored to your staff:
  • 4 hour course for management and support personnel
  • 8 hour course for operations, fuel handling, and engineering personnel

  • Major Criteria Covered in The Course:
  • Major hazard areas in power or cement plants
  • Liaison considerations with municipal fire departments
  • Chemical attributes of PRB coal: the effects of oxidation, moisture, and free water
  • Behavioral characteristics of PRB coal
  • Anatomy and Causation of PRB coal fires
  • Major fire and explosion issues in coal handling systems
  • Anatomy of PRB dust explosions
  • Specialized fire fighting equipment for coal fires
  • The roll of fixed fire suppression system in PRB coal fires
  • Mechanics of micelle encapsulating agents
  • Detailed study of the PRB Coal User's Group Guidelines on Bunker & Silo Fire Protection
  • Case study of an actual PRB coal silo fire (how to suppress PRB coal fires the correct and safe way)
  • Case study of large Stacker-Reclaimer fire from spontaneous combustion of PRB coal