This is the ESSENTIAL training course for any plant FIRE TEAM OR MUNICIPAL FIRE DEPARTMENT having to respond to PRB Coal fires. This course includes many of the topics of the Advanced Workshop PLUS a hands-on live fire session of 3 hours for Incipient Brigades and 6 hours for Structural Brigades and Fire Departments. The hands-on sessions provides personnel with actual experience in coal fire extinguishment while gaining knowledge of how coal behaves under actual fire conditions. Students will learn and experience how coal and dust combine to cause extremely hazardous events in piles, tunnels and silos. This experience is essential in learning what to do, but more importantly what NOT to do for coal fires. No one has trained more plant fire teams and fire departments in coal fire extinguishment techniques...Period.

Do not put your personnel in harms way before they have had this training.

Municipal fire departments we have trained:

Baltimore County Fire HazMat Squads
Grand Island (NE) Fire Dept.
Hardin (MT) Fire Dept.
Delta Township (MI) Fire Dept.
Lansing (MI) Fire Dept.
Hazen (ND) Fire Dept.
Wellington (CO) Fire Dept.
Ada (OK) Fire Dept.
Alpena (MI) Fire Dept.
Millsboro (DE) Fire Dept.
City of Lansing (MI) Fire Dept.
Burnsville (MN) Fire Dept.

FIGHT OR FLIGHT? What do you expect your employees to do when a fire is discovered? If you expect them to confront and fight the fire in any manner, they better be trained at a minimum to OSHA standards or you risk major citations and fines, not to mention putting people in the path of harm who have not been properly trained for what you expect them to do. For plants wanting to start an on-site fire team (incipient or structural) or to retain existing personnel, this is the ESSENTIAL training course. This course includes all the information required by OSHA to form a team and implement fire fighting procedures. Length of the course will typically run between 24-40 hours depending on the depth of fire fighting desired. Students will learn how to approach and handle many different classes of fires that could be expected on the plant site. We can also write the documentation required by OSHA for fire team formation and operations.

If you want a fire team with targeted capabilities, we can train them. For example, if you want a fire team that will JUST suppress silo fires or JUST confront Class A fires....we can train them. All classes include hands-on evolutions to match the level of expected fire fighting.

Do not put your personnel in harms way before they have had this training.