We maintain expertise in the development of plant specific protection schemes, development of fire protection systems specifications and systems design. Our specialty is protection of coal handling systems from the effects of PRB coal. We developed the concept of transfer point fire protection now incorporated into NFPA 850. No project is too small or too large. We have designed protection for complete coal yards, silos, dust collectors, pulverizers, boiler fronts, TG sets, and DCS Server Rooms.

We are the first to design and install systems specifically for suppression of fires inside bunkers and silos. These are not washdown systems. These are systems design specifically to target fire-plagued coal handling enclosures, usually the conical area. When the silo or bunker is emptied, the system can be used to wash the interior of the cone.

Modification of coal and biofuel handling systems can bring significant improvement in both dust migration and spillage reduction. Keeping the dust out of the air and the fuel on the belt can usually solve 90% of risk issues. We team with the best remediation experts in the industry to design, engineer and install the modifications that will result in least cost and maximum impact.

Over the years, many plants lose the ability to determine the original hazard design basis. Drawing upon our nuclear experience, we are usually able to “reconstruct” the original design intent: i.e postulation of an accident that the facility must be designed and built to withstand without loss to the systems, structures, and components necessary to ensure public health and safety. This would mainly apply to the hazardous classified areas such as fuel handling but can be expanded to include balance of plant hazardous areas such TG set, hydrogen system , etc.